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Why can RPA transform business processes?

Have you ever thought about the number of startups that emerged from the pandemic? Increased competition in the market and growing interest in digital transformation led to many opportunities for companies. But that's not all: challenges also appeared.

Hence RPA can be the ally you need for your company's online growth. If you didn't know, the global RPA market was $1.4 billion in 2019. By 2027, it is projected to reach $11 billion. So why not upgrade your business right now?

RPA technology can be perfect for helping with many problems you currently have and don't know how to solve. Furthermore: it can also improve many of your processes that have hidden potential. Find out why it is essential for you to know the benefits of RPA.

RPA: the value of empowering your employees

You have read the word "RPA" several times. But do you know what it is exactly? It is the acronym that defines robotic process automation. This technology makes it possible to change the modus operandi of a company. All administrative tasks can be resolved automatically!

A keyword in all this revolution is "automation". Who hasn't ever dreamed of having technology take care of all our work? This dream can be a reality, at least from a certain perspective. RPA will not be able to automate everything, but it will perform basic tasks.

Regardless of how innovative this process may be, you should know that it does not put the jobs of all your employees at risk. That's science fiction! Instead, what it can enable is a 180-degree transformation in your company. In other words, you will be able to achieve goals that you may never have pictured before.

Did you know that, in a typical workday, workers spend between 10% and 25% on repetitive manual tasks? You might think that this is key for your company. After all, it's what allows you to produce, but this situation is a half-truth because transforming your business does not mean getting rid of those tasks. With RPA you can increase the productivity of all your employees turning these types of manual tasks into automatic.

RPA can generate a transformation in the status quo of your company. More specifically, in your work culture: for example, RPA empowers workers by automating almost 80% of rule-based tasks. Then, there are tasks that follow certain pre-established orders and don’t require creativity. You see it every day when filling out forms, sending mass mailings, or creating basic data tables.

This situation allows for an increase in productivity. Firstly, because your people will no longer have to spend time and energy on solving manual tasks: RPA will do it for them. Instead, they will now be able to dedicate their time to managing RPA or to creating more value for your products/services.

Best benefits of RPA

Do you want to know the benefits of RPA? Here we tell you about them:

  • Increased organization. Humans make mistakes, and that's natural! However, RPA allows you to decrease the percentage of errors, especially those related to poor organization. If your processes are automated, you will be sure that all tasks will be completed on time.

  • Cost-saving. RPA means reducing the team's workload. Therefore, it will not be necessary for them to work long hours. Now, they can focus on monitoring the system. They can even prioritize other tasks that require real human intervention.

  • More customer satisfaction. We know: customers want accurate and immediate answers. RPA can be perfect for this! Robots don't need a vacation or take a break. They can answer all users' questions -even while you sleep-, increasing the satisfaction rate.

  • Improved employee morality. Nobody likes to have to do the same tasks every day. People need to feel important, making strategic decisions for the company, and RPA enables that! Now, your employees can focus on areas of greater interest in your business. That leads to the happiness of the whole team.

RPA and the renewal of your business

They say that the best decisions in life generate fear. That's why it's common to feel overloaded by such a major change. Anyhow, RPA promises the technological transformation your company needs. And therein lies the keyword: it's no longer a matter of desire, but a necessity.

For example:

  • 1 in 3 financial institutions uses bots for customer service.

  • Almost every e-commerce store has a system to update product stock automatically.

  • Most companies even have RPA in charge of resolving essential financial accounts.

As you will see, implementing RPA is no longer just about the possibility of adding value to your business: it means the difference between growth and stagnation. Therefore, you can adopt this technology to see more productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

We hope you enjoyed this information! If you want to know more about the future of business and the importance of RPA, you can read other articles on our blog.

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