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BeeckerCo, first Mexican company to apply for listing on Euronext...

The Mexican company BeeckerCo, specialized in process automation through RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology, has decided to join Euronext Access, thus becoming the first company from the Aztec country to be listed on this market.

According to the Mexican company, its intention is to start trading under the symbol 'MLBCO' on the Euronext market.

The incorporation to Euronext will allow BeeckerCo to obtain financing through capital increases and debt markets, according to ArmanexT, the advisor hired to coordinate the formal incorporation process and to work on the corporate adaptation of the Mexican company to Euronext Access requirements.

After coordinating BeeckerCo's IPO, ArmanexT will support the Mexican technology company's strategic growth plan by managing investor relations and future financing operations.

With this financial muscle, the company will be able to increase its presence both in the United States, where it has already been working for several years with prime clients, and in the rest of Latin America, mainly in Brazil and Colombia, as indicated by the listing sponsor.

"BeeckerCo is a clear example of LATAM companies that are beginning to look for investors and new markets in Europe as an alternative to the traditional American market. Accessing markets such as Euronext Access provides them not only the necessary financing but also a very important added value to consolidate and further develop their growth plans," said Antonio Fernandez, president of ArmanexT.

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