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BeeckerCo Brings Botsourcing to The Woodlands, Texas

BeeckerCo RPA company which is regionally headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas helps us understand more about the business potential of botsourcing in the workplace.

The change experienced by the workforce suddenly thrown into the Work-from-Home model has opened the door for rapid adoption of conversational AI across business environments. Despite the doom and gloom, advances in robotics and associated technology are having a positive impact on local manufacturing and services and both sustaining and creating jobs. In developed economies, they have even sparked a trend toward the return of jobs from overseas, or “botsourcing.”

Powered by 49 Fortune 500 companies, thousands of international and small businesses, and a diverse, skilled workforce of nearly 14 million, the Texas economy is the 9th largest when compared to the nations of the world.

As RPA and automation platforms evolve and mature; particularly with added integration of AI models, a big trend that sparked in the last couple of years is botsourcing; in which low skill work is being delegated to bots more and more. Particularly in the Customer Service industry, where chatbots have exploded in popularity in the last decade, and are quickly expanding over other areas of the enterprise.

Jonathan Piza, USA Delivery Manager

BeeckerCo, a leading hyper automation company with US offices located in Woodlands was certified as a “Great Place To Work”and additionally qualified as one of the best companies to work for in Mexico in its category. Specializing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the company came to Woodlands after identifying the large Mexican business community and the high business potential found in East-Texas. BeeckerCo is a technology innovation company, developing its own roots inside our community.

RPA is particularly well positioned to win in this space; as businesses realize that over time the ROI on a robot workforce outweighs that of outsourcing and even nearshoring low-skill work. Robotic aid of the main admin and back-office activities in every business type is, in my opinion, one of the biggest areas of automation growth in the coming decades.

Jonathan Piza, USA Delivery Manager

BeeckerCo is here to stay, as a part of our community. The Mexican technology company, with the re-opening of its Woodlands office after the pandemic, expects to generate an increase in local jobs with an environment that continues to be recognized as a Great Place to Work.

About BeeckerCo

-BeeckerCo is an RPA software company headquartered in Woodlands, Texas that specializes in creating a digital workforce for SAP.

-BeeckerCo, certified by the Great Place To Work Institute, has four service factories with over 300 employees and associates. BeeckerCo professional services’ delivery processes are certified by the CMMI Institute.

-BeeckerCo is the first HFS Hot Vendor of Hyper-automation in LATAM (2020 Q3).

The company, which began operations in Texas in 2019 after five years of operations abroad, currently has four software factories distributed in Cuernavaca and Texcoco in Mexico, Huila Colombia and Sao Carlos Brazil. In addition to the US regional office in Woodlands (Texas).

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