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Updated: Oct 26, 2021

"Young talent from diverse backgrounds developing and implementing BeeckerCo’s newest line of Digital Workers using UiPath technology"

The Woodlands, TX, OCTOBER 2021– BeeckerCo is an RPA software company with headquarters in Mexico and offices in Colombia, Brazil, and the US. It has grown from four people to 300 in six years of operation. Education and youth employment are an integral part of the company’s culture, and they are at the core of its current strategy, which consists of hiring recent graduates, training them in UiPath enterprise automation tools as well as management methodologies, and coaching them on their way to becoming BeeckerCo’s leading developers and implementers.

In Mexico there are over seventy technological universities with outstanding academic level, most of those in states in which about 56% of homes are considered low-income. Lower income level means fewer opportunities in a very competitive market, not only because of accessibility but also because even after graduation, furthering studies on many of the technologies and methodologies that can ensure employability can be quite expensive. There is also the fact that the business world can be very unwelcoming to people from different backgrounds, especially when English is sometimes learned in adulthood with great effort (and most of the times at great expense as well). All this creates an employment barrier.

As of 2018, BeeckerCo has implemented a co-branded training program with more than twenty universities working with BeeckerCo in different states of Mexico; this program is being replicated in Colombia and Brazil. Young graduates are given free courses in Robotic Process Automation, most prominently UiPath tools, and management methodologies which make them more employable. Many of those that pass BeeckerCo’s very demanding training program are invited to become interns at BeeckerCo and continue BeeckerCo’s career plans in any of the company’s offices. Those who do not continue with BeeckerCo have already become more employable with the knowledge acquired. Those hired by BeeckerCo continue their training to specialize, and they receive English language classes as well.

“It has been our experience at BeeckerCo that young people are bright and work hard,” said Fernando Leibowich Beker, founder and CEO of BeeckerCo. “They work even harder when they have a starting handicap, for example those who have only learned English as adults and still do not master it. Language training is a luxury many of them never had as children, so [at BeeckerCo] they learn English while they learn the newest UiPath tools, and they get good. They get good, and since they know how hard it is to get there, they take nothing for granted. They work hard, and they get far at BeeckerCo.”

“The future of work is already here, and demand for RPA skills creates an incredible opportunity for students and professionals everywhere to develop their talents in automation through education and become valuable employees and decision-makers,” said Eddie O’Brien, global channel chief at UiPath.

“Every one of us deserves to be valued for who we are and empowered with new opportunities for meaningful employment. We’re proud to partner with BeeckerCo on this initiative.”

BEECKERCO DW, BeeckerCo’s newest line of Digital Workers, has been developed and is being implemented by young talent at BeeckerCo that started as recent graduates.

To date, BeeckerCo has trained over 300 systems engineers in UiPath technologies.

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Based in Cuernavaca, Mexico, with offices in Colombia, Brazil, and the United States, BeeckerCo is a certified Great Place to Work for its employment policies and ensures quality by being certified as CMMI Dev/3. BeeckerCo is a UiPath Diamond Partner, USN Partner, Advanced Technology Partner and Academic Alliance Partner. BeeckerCo was featured in the latest HFS Hot Vendor report (2020 Q3).

BeeckerCo believes in socially responsible automation and has published a book on Amazon about its entrepreneurial culture and its values called The Beecker Way.

BeeckerCo has recently launched BEECKERCO DW, its line of Digital Workers featuring 90+ preconfigured automations for SAP based on UiPath technology for Finance, Procurement and Sales processes, developed by BeeckerCo’s own R&D department. These Digital Workers were presented at UiPath’s Forward IV event in Las Vegas.

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