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BeeckerCo Announces the Release of Their Digital Robots

Due to changes companies have experienced from transformation in the new digital era, and arising needs also accelerated during the Covid pandemic over the past few months, BeeckerCo has shared some solutions provided by their new model of “Botsourcing” to accommodate these needs.

If you haven’t noticed, robots in companies are becoming a common reality and a contemporary necessity of today’s workplace. BeeckerCo believes their Digital Workers are the futuristic dream and solution in this digital age. You can see in today’s industries the practice of futuristic engineering for mass production manufacturing. Robotization is not limited only to the construction of products we deal with daily but, Robotic Process Automation or RPA in this second generation that BeeckerCo presents to us, can be better understood as the use of digital robots, where within their programming, we find a series of pre-configured automations to work on SAP (Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing). Systems such as these typically serve the main areas of companies such as finance, production planning, material management, sales, and distribution.

What is BeeckerCo DW (Digital Workers)?

BeeckerCo Digital Workers: Bill, Matt, and Fiorella are software robots created by the BeeckerCo innovation lab. These robots are a second-generation RPA software product with 91 pre-configured automation packages for SAP ECC/HANA based on the UiPath platform.

Check out the video here: Video BeeckerCo DW (Digital Workers)

See below some tasks BeeckerCo’s robots have completed:

Bill: Packaged, 23 automations for SD (Sales and Distribution)

Matt: Packaged, 28 automations for MM and PP (Material Management and Production Planning)

Fiorella: Packaged, 34 automations for FI (Financial Accounting)

BeeckerCo’s innovation lab analyzed hundreds of RPA implementation projects that have been carried out in recent years and identified the main processes deemed most in demand for the areas of finance, sales, and materials management. Other things analyzed were the implementation on business management systems such as SAP.

Automation abilities:

-Generate a preliminary payment invoice from a purchase order made by a specific area.

-Create statistical values to control quantities in expense accounting.

-Display a list of Statistical Key Figures.

-Change an outbound delivery for the sales order.

-Create and validate sales orders using AI Machine Learning.

-Stock Overview

-Create or change material master data.

-Display a list of Purchase Requisitions

-Create a planned order

Connect with and Follow BeeckerCo:


Facebook for the webinar of the product

YouTube channel “BeeckerTV” on October 21, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. (CST).

About BeeckerCo

BeeckerCo is a software company regionally headquartered in Woodlands TX that specializes in creating a digital workforce for SAP, Salesforce Microsoft Office, and Websites using RPA and Machine Learning.

BeeckerCo is the first HFS Hot Vendor of Hyper-automation in LATAM (2020 Q3), and one of the Failory’s 56 Best Startups in Mexico (2021).

BeeckerCo, certified by the Great Place To Work Institute, has four software factories with over 300 employees and associates. BeeckerCo professional services’ delivery processes are certified by the CMMI Institute.

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