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Why CloudShore IDE?

Are you using Automation and AI to increase your organization’s execution capacity?

Did you know you could use standardized automations to scale RPA at a fast pace?

While planning automation, has identifying the right automation opportunities become a challenge ?

Has bringing together the required experts for comprehensive automation become a major challenge?

Have you had automation portability issues while moving to newer releases of SAP?

Are your automations compliant with SAP user policies?

Well, we have just about solved all of these!​



Our bots interact with SAP through BAPIs, working 10x faster than conventional automation methods

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Compliance & Portability

Our bots use the SAP native BAPIs, assuring full portability on your SAP upgrades

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Integrations with the most common technologies that integrate with SAP.

Faster to deploy

Faster to Deploy

160+ pre-packaged automations, including industry best practices


Increase Productivity

Systematically automate repetitive tasks enabling employees to focus on value-added tasks


Optimize working capital

Streamline finance, sales, procurement, and logistics roles enrolled in the critical processes Q2C and P2P.


Mitigate risk

Address financial and operational risks with embedded machine learning capabilities.

An automation is a control.


Improve Business Outcomes

Increasing capacity with marginal costs

Standardized Digital Workers, the fastest way to scale Automation and dive into AI!

CloudShore allows you to easily deploy standardized Digital Workers that encompass AI and Automation on the Cloud, to help increase the digital fluency of your organization. 

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How It Works

Select  the right bots.

train the bots.gif

Train the bots

run the bots.gif

Run the bots

Select the Right Bots

The right bots can be selected in 2 ways

Import data from Process Mining and the platform selects the right automations for you

Watch video to see how it's done

You can also select the automations you need directly from our Automation DownStream module.

Watch video to see how it is done.

Run the Bots

Now that your bots are ready, let’s put them to use

Export them

Watch video to see how it is done.

 Run the bots in your RPA tool of choice

Watch video to see how it is done.

Train the bots

Once the bots are selected you can customize them

You can now turn your selection automatically into robots.

Watch video to see how it is done.

 Or you can design them using the Flow Builder

Watch video to see how it is done.

CloudShore Open Architecture


Strategic Alliance




Scale RPA by automating Finance tasks and activities like

creating invoices,

inspecting accounting books, inspecting notes receivables, preparing/examining/analyzing accounting records/financial statements, etc.

Download the catalog to see the list of tasks and activities that can

be automated.


Automate Sales tasks and activities like

creating sales contracts, preparing budgets, determining charges for services requested, collecting deposits or payments, arranging for billing, maintaining customer records, etc

Download the catalog to see the list of tasks you can automate.



Automate Procurement tasks like

calculating costs of orders and creating invoices, comparing master data with requisition orders, inventory transfer for bookkeeping, maintaining and reviewing inventory records, etc

Download the catalog to see the list of tasks you can automat


Automate Logistics tasks and activities like

assuring availability and allocating materials, and supplies, protecting and controlling proprietary materials, reviewing performance against benchmarks and agreements, reorganizing shipping schedules to consolidate load, maximize vehicle usage, etc

Download the catalog to see the list of tasks you can automate.

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