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AI Center


Quickly and easily deploy CloudShore’s AI algorithms and integrate them into your process execution!

Learn how our AI works, train it to respond to your organization’s data, or get a glimpse of how our components can help in our AI Simulator.

 Train your AI components

Integrate your trained components with your systems or build an automation to call the AI

Run your AI powered process!

Teach your AI components to distinguish what can be considered a regular and an irregular transaction for your company in 4 easy steps

1.Select an algorithm

Choose the type of transaction you want the AI to analyze. Our algorithms can detect irregularities in payments, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, production orders, and more!

2. Download & fill our training file templates

Give the algorithm examples of what your data looks like and what you consider irregular by pasting it in easy to understand Excel templates.

3. Upload your training file

Once your data is ready and organized in our training templates, upload it back to the platform for processing.

4.Train & download your   
AI model

Simply click a button and wait for your own AI model trained and ready to analyze transactions for your company!

AI Simulator

See how our AI works and the type of results you can get before you even implement anything!

Simulate an AI-powered analysis of a production order and get a response on how likely it is that there’s something wrong with the order, depending on the data you feed the algorithm.


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